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Jesus Christ Is My H.E.R.O.!
I believe this is my last journal I will be posting in as jessieb23. I have been writing here for almost three years to the day (well, not consistently, of course) but I'd like a change. Besides, many things are changing... I'm getting married in four months, my name will change, so I need a new journal. I've made 261 posts (which is nothing compared to what everyone here has made), 1,127 comments, and have received 898 comments from everyone here! Thanks to everyone who cared enough to read/comment.

This new journal will be a friends only journal, so if you would like to continue reading, please comment on my new journal to be added.

I want to make a new journal style as well, and I'm hoping to keep the new journal up more than the old one.

Here is my new journal: jessie_roberson.

I just created it, so I don't know if I'll have anything up yet.

Again, please comment on the new journal to be added!

Hope to hear from everyone!
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I know some of you are women and may not be that interested in football, but I must say, from a Christian woman's perspective, that the more I read about Tony Dungy, the more impressed I become.

To give a little bit of a background, Tony Dungy was born in Jackson, Michigan. (His father, Wil Dungy, taught at Delta College near Saginaw, Michigan, the college I am attending right now.) He overcame racial discrimination not only as an athlete who played as quarterback for Minnesota, but also as an aspiring coach because he is African American. In 2002, he became the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, which, as most of you know, won the Super Bowl this weekend.

Tony Dungy is a very devout Christian, and perhaps the following I have found in my research will inspire you as much as it inspired me.

Today, Tony Dungy's name is in the record book as the third coach in NFL history to play in and win a Super Bowl, and as the first African American to win a Super Bowl Championship. This was a great accomplishment for African American community, and for Dungy himself, yet here is what he said during the trophy presentation:

"I'm proud to be the first African American coach to win this...But again, more than anything, [Chicago Bears coach] Lovie Smith and I are not only African-American but also Christian coaches, showing you can do it the Lord's way. We're more proud of that."

During the game, though I only caught the last half of it due to an over abundance of homework, I heard the commentators comment on Dungy's composure he has always seemed to have. They mentioned how he was different from other coaches in that he always kept his composure, was more calm than most coaches, never got angry or yelled, and never cursed at his players.

I also watched "Media Week" on ESPN. Jeff Saturday, the Colt's Center, spoke very highly of Dungy. He said they were both Christians and that they prayed together. He also quoted the temperament of Dungy saying that he doesn't yell, and it was almost worse that he didn't yell like other coaches. To Saturday, it was worse to know Dungy was disappointed in something, rather than being screamed at.

After beating the New England Patriots to win a trip to the Super Bowl, Dungy stated, “The Lord set this up in a way that no one would believe it...The Lord tested us a lot this year, but He set this up to get all the glory.”

There are more quotes Dungy states about his faith, and I haven't found them all because these were from this year. I haven't gotten to his past years yet.

This last part is the most inspirational story I have ever read about a head coach in the national spotlight.

Perhaps some of you know, but Tony Dungy's son, James, committed suicide December 22, 2005. Dungy not only spoke at his son's funeral glorifying God, but also spoke a few weeks after his son's death at the Super Bowl breakfast sharing a message of God's love.

The Christian Post website stated in the article, “First Black Super Bowl Coaches Say, 'The Lord Set This Up'”, “Dungy said he believed God placed him in this position [death of his son] not for him and his family to suffer but so they can be an example for others, a testimony.”

I will close with Tony Dungy's personal testimony as well as a link to a very powerful and touching story featured on ESPN's Sport's Center:

“I accepted Christ at a young age as my family told me about Jesus and what He did for me. Most people considered me a "good person," yet as I grew older my love for sports was definitely stronger than my interest in Christianity. My faith took a back seat. When I joined the Steelers, I roomed with Donnie Shell. In addition to having great athletic ability, he and several other Christians stood out as they daily demonstrated their faith. As I talked with these guys and attended team Bible studies, God's Holy Spirit lit a fire in me. I have learned that accepting Christ requires total commitment and that football is not the most important thing. My second year as a Pittsburgh Steeler we won the Super Bowl. That highlighted my brief playing career. But the highlight of my life was when I asked Jesus Christ into my heart. The thrill of winning a Super Bowl is temporary—receiving Christ counts for eternity."

And here is the link: http://proxy.espn.go.com/espn/eticket/print?id=2482272&type=story

...and I believe he is the most influential person in the NFL.
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So, I need to think of songs to have played at our wedding. We know two... lol

Unity Candle Song: "I Will Be Here" by Stephen Curtis Chapman sung by the amazing Aaron Hales and Aaron Bolt
My Walking up the Aisle song: piano part to "To Make You Feel My Love" by Garth Brooks, played by our amazing pianist!

Ok... now I need some more ideas for the following:

Mother's lighting of unity candle
The Bridal party march
Two songs for the bridal dance

We're having a CD played after the ceremony (as we walk down the aisle together) so the people sitting can at least have somethng to listen to as they're waiting to be dismissed...

So, send your ideas!
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I hope Lindy doesn't mind, but I liked this idea... it's listing off reasons I love my fiance. I think that is a great idea. I'm not always that good at telling him how much I love him nor showing him, so maybe this will work.

Reason #1
...that I love my Jason

He buys me things randomly and thoughtfully. I'm not an "I need gifts" person, but he is so sweet about everything. I was baptized about a month into starting to date him and he bought me a rose. For sweetest day that year (last year) he made me homemade fettuccini alfredo and took me down stairs where he had his coffee table set up with candles and his mom's fancy china, then lit the fireplace (because it was FREEZING down there). He had a rose for me there, too. He randomly buys me stuff like candy, plants (he just bought me a poinsettia (however you spell it). He'll bring me dinner when I don't even ask for it, and even when I do. I'll have him get some thing from the store, and he always comes back with something for me, and it's usually my favorite: rootbeer. He bought me a dolphin candle holder (I LOVE dolphins), he bought me slippers that I really like, even though they're pink. He bought me my engagement ring, and even though I was with him, it was still sweet of him to do it. I was not expecting it at all.

He is amazing, and I cannot wait until I can call him my husband (in 198 days)!

There will be more to come... :)
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So, I'm aggravated today.

My mom always tries to put me down. It doesn't matter what it is about, she always puts me down.

I can't even work my relationship with Jason right because it's always wrong and I'm always a witch or a brat for some reason just because I don't want to do something. So, she always takes Jason's side, even when we're on the phone talking about something.

I'm just a stubborn witch that can never do anything right, according to her!

I can't clean right, and she willingly lets everyone in the world know, including the carpet lady we both don't even know.

I am "immature" in certain areas, and she makes it a point to tell everyone in the world, though I don't know where she gets that at all.

I can never keep my room clean and, therefore, I am an ungrateful child who needs to be slapped because I am so ungrateful. Apparently dirty room = ungrateful for everything in the world.

I am moody, therefore, I am a brat and Jason needs to know this in order to marry me because not knowing might make him not want to marry me?

Why am I always the bad person in every situation? Why can't I do anything right? I'm sick of always being put down by it seems everyone!

I'm too young to get married!

I'm too poor to get married!

I can't keep my room clean, therefore I'll never keep my house clean!

I am going to be a horrible wife because I'm to stubborn!

I'm never going to amount to anything because I cannot clean right!

I'm sick of feeling like crap about myself every day. I cannot wait until June because I'm never going to let anyone else make me feel horrible about my self. NEVER.
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RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 12 weird things/habits about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 12 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I have a talent of being able to throw things up in the air and catch them in my mouth. I'm actually really good at it, and I surprise people when they throw things to me and I catch it in my mouth.

2. I am a germophobe (sp?). I hate germs and I wash my hands like 100 times a day. I refuse to eat food that other people have touched, unless I know they washed their hands.

3. I hate touching raw meat. I always put on "gloves" (a.k.a. Ziploc bags) to touch meat, whether I'm making hamburgers or cleaning a chicken. I do not clean out chickens or turkeys of the neck/gizzards (because my arms will touch the meat) and I think I'll get E-coli or Salmonilla (sp?)

4. I love puzzles, like Sudoku and Logic Puzzles. I can sit for hours and do them, and I'd rather do that than search the Net. I am also really good at word searches. We actually had this thing called Academic Track and one of the testing categories was "Word O'Clock". So I competed against other schools doing word searches. It was awesome. I got first place, and went to the regionals or whatever that is.

5. I love eating cold Spaghetti-Os. I do like taking them out of the can most of the time now because I found out that they taste sort of like metal when they're in the can.

6. I love reading, though I don't know if I consider that a "weird" fact. But I love reading series books. I've read the Harry Potter series, the Left Behind Series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and am starting the Chronicles of Narnia series as soon as Jason brings me it. (He keeps forgetting)

7. I love to cook! And Jason loves to cook! We love to cook together! I think that is probably when I have the most fun with him, especially when we start cooking different things. The other night we made stuffed chicken breasts, homemade. We stuffed some with broccoli and one with stuffing. I think I liked the stuffing one the best, but it was delicious!

8. I hate shopping, unless you put me in a Barnes & Noble. I try to avoid shopping like it's the plague, and yes I'm a girl! I just hate it.

9. I love football! GO BLUE! I sit and watch it every Saturday with my boy and he is surprised that I actually understand football and realize different plays and signals for penalties. What can I say? My dad was a football coach for the high school I went to (well, before I was in high school) and my brother was really good at football. I was raised around sports, so it just sort of caught on. I have watched U of M football since I was 7 or 8. I love it!

10. I am a Facebook addict. I check Facebook so much during the day it's not even funny. For those of you who don't have it, get it! It's so much better than MySpace and much more private! (http://www.facebook.com) They just opened it to the public, so you no longer need to have a school email address to use it.

11. I am not allergic to anything, at least that I know of, and I've never had an allergic reaction to any kind of medicine. I am very blessed, too. A lot of my friends, including my fiancee, are allergic to many things. Jason is allergic to dust mites and kitties (which is sad because I love kitties!!!).

12. I have lost two cell phones. The funny thing is they were exactly the same brand. The first one I think was stolen a while ago. I loved that phone, too. It was a camera phone and was just fun to use. I loved that phone so much that I had Jason buy me one for my birthday this year. Then that one was lost somehow. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I think it's at his house somewhere...

I am not going to tag certain people. So... do this if you want I guess... :)
What do you think?
You Are 88% Republican

You are a card carrying Republican, and a pretty far right one at that!
There's no chance anyone would ever mistake you for a Democrat.

You Are 4% Democrat

If you have anything in common with the Democrat party, it's by sheer chance.
You're a staunch conservative, and nothing is going to change that!

Anyway, I know this is rather... outspoken of me, and I'm not trying to offend anyone in saying this, but I get tired of people who call themselves "Christians" yet vote for non-Christian things. For instance, I know people who are Christians, yet support candidates who support abortion and other "controversial issues" that shouldn't be "controversial" because the Bible states that certain things are wrong. They claim: "Separation of church and state!!!!" But, who's law is that? That isn't God's law.

In actuality, that was put into action to protect the church from state intervention, not the other way around. Sure, our founding fathers didn't want some radical telling everyone they had to be one religion, too. And I'm not saying that.

I respect others opinions, but for my brothers and sisters in Christ, I urge you to first and foremost GET OUT AND VOTE! Every vote counts! Second, get in the Bible. Study each candidates views. Are they pro-life? Do they define marriage between one man and one woman? etc.

I'm not saying all Christians have to vote Republican. I mean, most Republicans fall into the categories listed above, but that doesn't mean ALL of them do.

Many Christians say, "Well, in general I am against abortion, but what if someone is raped? They should be able to choose to abort the baby."

Well, if you think that, how do you think God feels? He says that everything works out according to HIS purpose, not ours. Sometimes he uses negative things (rape) for HIS GOOD, not ours. What if that rape, though it is horrible, I'm sure, to go through was how God wanted to use something bad to create a Billy Graham? or an Abraham Lincoln? Is it our right to abort a child? Of course not!

Then others say, "Well, what if the woman is not able to take care of the child financially? Abortion will save those children from a horrible life."

And so will adoption. No, people should not have sex before marriage, but I understand that temptation often gets the best of us and we fail. So, because someone did something they weren't supposed to be doing in the first place, it's a good reason to have an abortion? I think not. They knew the consequences before performing the action, therefore they need to deal with it. Adoption is an excellent alternative!

Sorry, I needed to get that off of my chest.

Sorry if I offended anyone...
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Well, things are moving very quickly as my wedding date approaches. We had to move it up 2 months because one lady told us we had the hall on August 18th, but another one told us she booked it. So, now we are getting married June 16, 2007. It's coming VERY fast.

The girls' dresses are going to be black and white (I know it sounds gothic/funeralish, but it will be very elegant). So, colors will be black and white accented in red and silver. We are trying to go for a more romantic mood.

I'm getting excited, but nervous. I want to be a good wife. I hope I'll learn this as time goes on. It's crazy to think that first of all in 8 months and 3 days I will be a wife, then possibly a year or two later, a mommy. Wow! That is crazy! I feel too young, though I'm not. A year or two after I get married I will be 23 or 24. That is the time I WANTED to have a baby. It's still crazy.

Wedding plans are coming along. I don't have much time, but I like short engagements. The stress gets put into 8 months rather than like 2 years or so. We have the church, the hall, the caterer, the photographer (we think), and the videographer. I am getting my dress made, so we have it all drawn (I'll put it up here sometime... but Jason can't see it, so I'll have to make it a list-specific entry). COMMENT ON THIS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT AND I WILL ADD YOU TO THAT LIST!!! (This excludes you, hunny. No matter how many times you comment, I cannot do that... sorry, dear.) I love the dress! It's so pretty!

We still need a decorator. I'm sure I'm missing something we have, but I'm too lazy to get my paper to find out.

I have pictures of my ring on my Facebook. For those of you who don't know, Facebook just opened to the public a couple weeks ago. You no longer need to have a high school or college email address to be able to join. It's really cool, because you can meet friends you hadn't seen in years! Plus, keep in touch with your old classmates. Here is my link: Facebook me! Go ahead! Everyone's doing it! And don't forget to add me! The photos of the ring are in the album "After Our Engagement!"

Anyway, I have a doctor's appointment I need to get to, and I need to turn in some of my homework that is due today at Delta.

8 months, 3 days until I become Mrs. Roberson!
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Well, I'll start with the rocks... Jason asked me to marry him last night!!! (He put a rock on my finger)...

I was so excited that I wasn't paying attention to the speed limit sign. I was going 60 in a 45 and I got stopped for my first time EVER! AND I couldn't find my license. I had two strikes against me, but the cop was so nice! He let me off... and congratulated me after I told him I was too excited over my engagement to pay attention to the speed signs. Then I made Jason drive.

Anyway, that is that. I'm going to spend time with my FIANCE now!!!! (That word sounds weird!)
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If you have to tell someone you're humble, you're not...

...and that is all.
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IF YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my list, so let me know with whom I am friends!

1.Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Artist:
7. Dirty or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:

HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...
1. Do we know each other outside of LJ?
2. Whats your philosophy on life?
3. Would you have my back in a fight?
4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
5. What is your favorite memory of us?
6. Would you give me a kidney?
7. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
8. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?
9. Can we get together and make a cake?
10. Have you heard any rumors of me lately?
11. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?
12. Do you think I'm a good person?
13. Would you drive across country with me?
14. Do you think I'm attractive?
15. If you could change anything about me, would you?
16. What do you wear to sleep?
17. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?
18. Would you go on a date with me if i asked you?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. Will you repost this so i can fill it out for you?
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you said we'd never come this far
you said your words, we've played a part
said your two cents now it's my turn
so sit down SHUT UP are you ready?

so you think you know how the story goes?
are you ready for this ?

sit down
are you ready for this?
shut up
are you ready for this?
stand up
are you ready for this?
are you ready?

i thought you'd never come this far
i thought your words meant something more
said my two cents now its your turn
so stand up and scream are you ready?

so you think you know how this story goes?
are you ready for this?

sit down
are you ready for this?
shut up
are you ready for this?
stand up
are you ready for this?

are you ready for this?
sit down
are you ready for this?
shut up
are you ready for this?
stand up
are you ready for this?
are you ready for this?

...three days grace...
What do you think?
Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%
Punctuation: 100%
Spelling: 100%
Vocabulary: 100%

Current Location: Home
Today I feel...: blah blah
Listening to...: None

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Did I mention that I got a new car? It's a white 2003 Chevy Impala, a.k.a. cop car. It's pretty plain right now, but I'm going to do some stuff to it (add a spoiler, new rims, window tints, sunroof/moonroof, side skirts, racing seats, etc.) I will be putting the "before and after" pictures up once I get the money to do some stuff to it. Probably the first thing will be the window tints. I'm leaning toward the gradient tints where it starts out with chrome or white and gradually fades into black. It's sweet looking, but I need money, of course. It won't be until after Christmas, though, so I have a while. I'm also thinking about adding some detailing to the side of the car, but I'm not sure yet. Probably not. This will be the "our" (Jason and I) project over the next couple years.

I'll get some pictures of it up in a little while... I'm too lazy right now :)
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I'm doing something weird and having people give me feedback on my photos. Scroll through the pics, tell me what you like/dislike about them, and then give me an overall critique of them. I'm not trying to be a photographer, I've just been experimenting with photography lately, and it's been a lot of fun.

I do, however, want to get a higher megapixel camera. Right now, my camera is only 3.2 megapixels, and I want 7-9. I'll have to wait for that, though... :)

Click Here For Pictures!!Collapse )

Fill out the poll!Collapse )
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I've been vacationing the past two weekends. It was alright I guess.

That is all I have to say, besides the fact that I hate gossip.
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Don't read this one under the LJ cut unless you already answered part 2 of the meme and want to see how close you are.

Read After Finishing Part 2 of the Last PostCollapse )
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1. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life.
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each item.

1) M*A*S*H
2) Star Wars
3) Full House
4) House, M.D.
5) American Idol
6) A League of Their Own
7) Saving Private Ryan
8) Apollo 13
9) Twister
10) Night of the Twisters
11) Anything by Poe
12) Harry Potter Series
13) Personality Plus
14) Chronicles of Narnia
15) Left Behind Series
16) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox... AWESOME RPG!!!!!!) You can customize lightsabers and level up with different force powers. :)
17) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (Xbox)
18) NBA Live 2005
19) Ray Comfort Books
20) The Way of the Master
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Well, here is one picture from our weekend. I'll have more sometime, but this picture is cool.

I was driving over the Mackinaw Bridge and Jason was taking out the camera. He didn't realize he pushed the button until it beeped. He said, "Whoops! I didn't mean to take the picture, but sweet! It looks sweet!"

And here is the final product:

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I'm learning a lesson about faith I believe. God is teaching me this.

Jason and I made a decision a couple of months ago. BEFORE we made this decision, we prayed over and over again that it would be the "right" decision. God showed us in a number of ways that it was the right decision. We got the "Ok" from God first before we decided 100%. That is how it should be.

Family and friends do NOT think it's the right decision. So, for that, we have been called names, told that people want to see us fail, have had Bible verses thrown at us as if they were telling us we were horrible Christians that we didn't think of them (though they were taken out of context). We have been yelled at in front of some people at church from family telling us we're stupid. We have been laughed at, joked about, and talked about among "Christian" people. We've endured nasty looks, horrible negative attitudes, crazy awkward moments when you can tell people have been talking about you.

Family heard from another family member who knows NOTHING but thinks he/she knows EVERYTHING. It was told from his/her perspective, so therefore, for some reason, it's automatically truth.

For the first time in our life, we, Jason and I, have been doing something that makes us feel good about ourselves, especially since we both know God approves. We feel like we can make a difference in people's lives; like we can make something of ourselves that we would never have the opportunity to do had we NOT made this decision.

But we know God approves.

Our "Christian" brothers and sisters try to discourage us by calling us names, saying horrible things about our decision, told us they are sitting back, waiting for us to fail. They aren't only Christian brothers and sisters... they're our blood family.

But we know God approves. We asked Him over and over and over and over and over and over again. And everytime we asked Him, He showed us He approved. That it was going to be okay. That it was working to further his kingdom and help fight against the negative media presented in American society.

But we're "unethical", "unChristian", "immoral". Yet God approves.

They only approve if we aren't doing what God has given us, and what they "think" is the right decision. Anything else and we're stupid. It doesn't matter if God tells us it's okay and that He is with us. That all we have to do is lean on him for support and everything will go as He planned.

But we're stupid for following where God has shown us to go.

We never would have done this had we not prayed about it and knew 100% that this is what God wanted us to do.

So why is it so wrong?

Why is it that the people who discourage you the most are the people who you are supposed to be your peers and help you with every decision you make. Not yell at you and make you feel stupid for following what you know God has planned for your future.

I doubt God would lead you do to something that was "unethical", "not Christian", and "immoral". He's perfect. He's God. And I'm going to follow Him and what He tells us to do.
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I'm excited! Won't say why, but I just am. Let's just say that I'm on the road to becomming an entrepreneur! That just sounds awesome!

Ahem. Anyway, I'm a procrastinator. I'm supposed to clean my room, but that's no fun.

Other news: leaving for SSM tomorrow. That should be fun. I think I might see if I can stay with my brother (who will be camping in Cheboygan) tomorrow night then go to Black Lake (as requested by the boy) and have a picnic. I need to pack.

I haven't been to SSM in about 8-10 years. It should be fun, I won't get to see MUCH of the town, as I will be in a meeting, but it will still be fun!!! We chose to go up there last weekend since Jason hasn't been there before.

I'm getting excited :)

Today I feel...: excited excited

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Does anyone here have LJ Plus?

And if you do, do you like it?
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Well, our fridge isn't working, so now I have to wait for a guy to come out and fix it, so that means I can't go clean my brother's house until the guy gets here and leaves. We need the fridge fixed because we have a minifridge, the one in the garage, and the one in the camper full of food and stuff, so we have to go to three fridges to find food. It's rather annoying.

We had a lightning storm last night! It was amazing! It lasted like an hour and a half before lightning and thunder completely stopped. I was happy!

I'm still sick, but I'm getting better. I'm not coughing half as much as I was before. My throat feels horrible, though.

Off to Grand Blanc tonight! Should be fun.

Off to Sault Ste. Marie this weekend, definitely should be fun.

Well, off to go clean off the porch. I guess we're painting it this weekend. I hate painted porches. I think they look stupid, but my mom controls the ropes at our house... bah!

Current Location: Home
Today I feel...: calm calm
Listening to...: None

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Well, I just hate things that are happening right now! I'm sick of the drama!

I'm sick of everything! Except Jason and some of my close friends.

It's always interesting when you can no longer trust ANYONE it seems.

Fun huh?
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I have a respiratory infection. Not fun. When I wake up in the morning, I can barely talk. My throat is about ripped apart from coughing so much. :( I've been trying to get as much rest as I can. I've been sleeping quite a bit at night, and I think it's helping a bit. I feel much better as the day goes on, then I go to sleep and feel crummy when I wake up.

There is a CUTE doggy at my house. It's a miniature collie. You can tell that the people didn't really take care of it. It just started coming around our house yesterday. I don't know if it is a boy or a girl yet. It's white, brown, and gray, and has pretty blue eyes. It's the sweetest doggy I've ever known! I, of course, fed/watered him/her because it's been so hot out lately. I want to bring the little thing in and give it a bath because it has some matting in it's fur. I think he would look better if he was bathed.

I named him (or her) Dubya.... like George Dubya.

I should take a picture of him/her and put it up here. He/she needs a good home! If Jason and I can't find him/her a good home, I want to adopt him/her somehow. The problem is my parents. They hate animals. I hope Jason can keep the puppy at his house, but I'm not sure.

Pray for puppy!
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To Make Yourself Seem Better

I. Am. Angry.
And I don't know what to do about it
People keep insulting
Trying to make them seem better
Yet they don't realize
They are in the wrong

"Someone makes a mistake
Let's spread it all around
Doesn't it make us feel holier?
Perhaps if we keep it between the group
No one else will ever know
But slip up even just once
And it spawns anger among some

"But you don't even know!
I'm ashamed of what has been done!
I'm hurt to the extent of anger
So let's make it our own business!"
But rumors don't make it worse
It makes your group look horrible!
Especially when you're out
To exalt the name of Christ

Yet you put down those involved
To make yourself seem better
To make fun of their actions
To make yourself seem better
To declare the name of Christ
To make yourself seem better
To forget your past wrongs
To make yourself seem better

But you're not better than anyone
You're flesh won't allow it
You lie, you steal, you cheat,
you hate, you murder, you idolize,
you gossip, you're greedy,
your slanderous, your envious,
You're all of the above.

You hypocrit! You are all of those!
Yet you spread someones sin
Like wildfire in a dry forest
You talk about it outside
So others can hear and judge
You look at people and all you see
Is their sin in their eyes
You are who I despise!
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I miss somebody right now.  (I miss my boy!!!) I don't watch much TV these days.  (I think most TV is the spawn of Satan. TV shows like The OC etc., should be banned!) I own lots of books.  (I have three bookshelves full of books, plus I have a ton of books that can't fit on any of the bookshelves.)
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (I have both.) I love to play video games.  (Oddly enough, I do. I've been addicted to NBA Live 2005 recently.) × I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies.  (Totally not proud of this. I didn't know what they were when I found them in our house, so I popped them in.) × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (It's always the best policy. "Thou shalt not bear false witness...")
I curse sometimes.  (That was the biggest thing I had to get over after becomming a Christian, and I often slip up. I was raise around a ton of cursing, so I picked it up.) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.  (Definitely! A couple years ago I was in the psyciatric ward.) × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
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...that I have made like three posts this week. I don't always update, but that's alright. My life is rather boring, besides the fact that I am madly in love ;)

I'm getting ready to go to Midland tonight... well I'm going to leave around 3:45 to go to Jason's house. Then we're going to hit the mall. I hate malls, but we're going to go there anyway. I need to find an outfit for Jon and Sarah's wedding.

Speaking of weddings, perhaps I will look online at some wedding dresses just so I can have an idea... it's always fun.

Anyway, I know what I want for Jon and Sarah's wedding, but it was pretty expensive. The skirt is like $30 and the shirt is as well, plus I don't have shoes. And I should probably find another outfit for Faith and Brad's wedding because their wedding is the weekend before Jon and Sarah's wedding and there will probably be some people at both weddings. Hopefully something will work out :)

Well, I have to go now.
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Wow, I think this is like two or three posts so far this week. It's a new record!

Anyway, Jason and I had a long talk yesterday about what we should do about some things. We, or at least I, have decided to stop going to some things that we were involved in because we don't agree with what goes on there with certain people sometimes. I think he is still going to go, and he can if he wants to. I want nothing to do with it. I know some people who read this are very active there, and I apologize, but I simply cannot go any longer... at least until some things change with some attitudes there. I've been involved, well, sort of, for about two years now, and I just want OUT of it. I can't take what it has turned into anymore.

Well, now that that is settled, at least for now, what else? Hmm... Jason and I have been reading Personality Plus and The Five Love Languages together. These are definitely my TOP TWO books that every married couple should read (and no, I'm not married, but it would be SO beneficial!)

I'm going to put these behind LJ cuts:

Personality PlusCollapse )

The Five Love LanguagesCollapse )

Anyway, these are WONDERFUL books for anyone who is dating, married, or even for single people. I would recommend them for anyone. PLUS, they are both by Christian authors!

Wow, this was a long post.

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Well, yesterday was fun, I guess. I went to church at 10:00 because we had our VBS program. I didn't have to do much except sing some songs and hand out prizes.

There weren't a lot of people at service this week, which was a surprise because lately it has been PACKED.

After church I went to Jason's house and had lunch with his mom, dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and niece. The other half of his family (his sister, brother-in-law, nephew, niece, other brother, wife, and sister-in-law to be) couldn't be there in the afternoon, and were all going to come later that night. We ate, then watched a cute home movie when I saw my boy when he was 4 (he was SOOOO cute!), then we ate some pie.

Afterwards, we came back to my house to eat dinner with my family. Everyone was there except my brother-in-law because he had to work :(

My mom made ribs (which were SOOOOOOO good!), potatoes, fruit salad, etc. I helped clean up the kitchen, then Jason and I went in the back and watched Spiderman. I ended up falling asleep super early, and Jason stayed up. He left and even called me when he got home to let me know he got home safe, but I didn't hear the phone ring. I never sleep that sound. I got up this morning and listened to his message, which I didn't even know he left until this morning. It was cute.

I love that boy.

Saturday my nieces and nephews came down and we all went swimming in our pool. I got burned quite badly. Even right now I can't stand to wear this tank top because it's digging into my arms and it HURTS!

Gar! I have to clean my bedroom today. It really is a mess right now. I don't like it being a mess, but I just never feel like cleaning it up. I have a ton of videos thrown on the floor, clothes all over my futon, a suitcase and hangers in the middle of my floor, and a kitty too!

I should probably get to that, huh?
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Well, this week I've been working at VBS. I teach the Preschool class along with another lady. It's fun, but it's SO hard to keep the kids attention. Their attention span is about 2 seconds, then they're up doing something else. I'm surprised Uncle Bob can keep them tuned into his stories.

I've been REALLY tired today. I wanted to take a nap, but I wasn't able to.

Oh, by the way CONGRATS TO THE LADY VANDALS!!! They won regionals Saturday, and quarter finals last night, beating defending state champions, Coleman who were, I believe 32-6. By the way, they were behind 2-0 in the 7th inning... ;) This has truly been a Cinderella season for them, and they have been playing incredibly well under pressure.

To any girls on the team, especially Cat! (not singling her out, I just played with her all year my senior year), good luck on Friday! I'll be there to cheer you on. They're a tough team, it looks like, (36-0), but you guys have done SO WELL against the tough teams this year! Good luck at semifinals!
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Well, I know I don't post here all the time, but oh well. Here I am now...

I was going to go to the girls' game today, but I didn't. It was all the way in Homer, which is between Jackson and K-zoo (I think), and it's like 2 hours away. I hope they did alright today.

I get to go to the Dow Event Center tonight! I am excited because there is this one speaker who is hilarious who is going to be there. That is part of the reason I didn't go to the game, because I was already going to be driving an hour or so there, so I didn't want to drive all the way down to Homer, home, then out to Jason's, then to Saginaw.

Anyway, I am addicted to Sudoku and Logic Puzzles. I have a huge book of Sudoku puzzles that I'm working on, and 7 logic magazines. Fun times, fun times.

I don't think there is anything new that I can talk about.

Oh! I went to the mall on Thursday and Jason and I looked at rings! Hehe, it was fun because I didn't know you could just go in and try them on. I feel stupid for not knowing that. The ring that I want is really pretty, but it's pretty expensive, even though it's like $500 off right now, making it $999.99, but it DOES include a wedding band. I'm pretty sure it was at Zales that we found it. It's not like he's going to go buy it. I just wanted to give him ideas. I think it was 3/4 ct. in total weight. Go to the following link and there will be three boxes toward the right center of the page. One will say "Princess Cut Bridal Set". The ring in the box is the EXACT ring we looked at. I can't find another picture of it: http://www.zales.com/subcategory/index.jsp?categoryId=2115463&cp=2071133

Anyway, I liked that one.

Does anyone around the area (Brant, Merrill, Hemlock, Chesaning, Ithaca, Alma) want their house cleaned? I like cleaning houses, but I haven't been able to get more than 2 jobs because no one I've talked to needs it I guess. I charge whatever anyone can pay me, pretty much. I clean my brother's house on Mondays and Fridays and Jason's mom's house on Thursdays. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I need jobs. If anyone could help me out on that one, that would be great.

Well, I need to take a shower... sorry this post was pointless.
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Jason got hired back at Dow Corning again for this summer. He is excited. Though the pay is about a dollar less than at Home Depot, he will have a steady work schedule, M-F from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. That is 40 hours a week, and Home Depot was only giving him like 25, so this is much better. Plus, he has the weekends and weeknights off!!!

Anyway, I forgot to mention that.

Thanks for everyone for their prayers :)
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Gah! 3.8 this semester. It should've been a 4.0. For the first time since my junior year in high school, I got less than an A in my Literature classes. Two A minuses. It makes me sad. Oh well, though. I can't believe I actually got an A in my Finite Mathematics class. I thought I blew it on my statistics final, but an A is wonderful! Especially overall. So, it's on to Calc. I! Goody...
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Hi everyone. Please pray for Jason, he lost his job yesterday at Home Depot. :( But I do have good news! I just saved a load of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico! Not really. But I do have actual good news. He might be able to get his summer job back at Dow Corning, so if you guys could pray that he could get this job back, that would be wonderful!! :) Thanks!!
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Could anyone spare a few prayers that the Lord will provide me (and/or Jason) with $246? We really would appreciate any prayers we can get :) WE have faith we will be provided for, but a few extra prayers definitely wouldn't hurt... thanks!
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Thanks to everyone who posted in return! Unfortunately, the post was meant for a community and I forgot to select it to be posted there. :( So, if everyone who read it could keep that whole thing on the DL, I would be very happy! I wasn't really supposed to let anyone know about it. But it's alright because I don't think it is going to happen...

Thanks again... And Leah, I want to come visit you!
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Jason :)Collapse )

Isn't he cute?

Anyway, I had a nice Christmas. I got a sweet digital camera from my parents. It came with an awesome printer that makes pictures look like they came from the store! It's amazing... and the entire thing is worked from the camera and does not need a computer. I have some cute pictures of my nieces and nephews printed out as well. I got a ton of other stuff, like a dolphin clock from Jason and a dolphin fountain from my sister. Jason also got me some really cute slippers... I love them.

I got a bunch more stuff as well, but I don't feel like listing all of them. Maybe I'll do it later.

Merry Christmas!
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We had Jason's mom's family's Christmas (that was a ton of possessives in a row) on Sunday in Frankenmuth. We got our pictures taken so here it is... Oh, and buy the way, the gift Jason got me when I posted that a while ago was a ring. It's a promise ring, but not in the "promise" way that many people think. We aren't pre-engaged, so no making wedding plans! lol...

Jason and ICollapse )
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A quick update... I heart my boyfriend! He gave me something very special, but I must ask permission before I say anything about it... guesses would be cool, though. Take a guess!
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I'm tired. I was at school observing for 8 hours today, which was good for me. I needed to get more hours rather than shoving all of them in at the end of the semester. I'm going to do some in-front-of-the-class reading tomorrow morning, so I have to get up around 6:30.

I haven't seen Jason since Sunday :( and I really sucks! I won't see him until Saturday I don't think. I called him today, and we didn't talk much. I was rather upset with my dad so I was watching a movie with my mom, so I wasn't talking much anyway.

School is kicking my rear. I hate it. Hate is a strong word, so I strongly dislike it.

I need to go to bed.
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You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!
What do you think?
I was happy to receive 50/50 for my Literature Poetry Analysis. I received great comments from my professor. We had 16 poems to analize, so it took quite a while for me to do. Now we have two more worksheets (both worth 50 points each) to finish, and a really big 200 point assignment in which we have to analyze something like 150 pages of text? I'm not sure if that is right. Her directions were a bit funky. If we don't turn in that project, we fail the class.

Anyway, this post is going to be a rant about my other professor. She is really nice, and she really does make a boring subject like history more interesting. However, she is quite... crazy. She grades harshly, and doesn't give much thought that students have more than just that class to do in their lives. Sure, it's college and classes are supposed to be filled with homework, right? Well, everyone in that class is complaining about her. It really does make me feel bad because she is a really nice lady.

Point #1: Essay Preps. When we first started the class, we had to do these essay prep things. They are worth 30 points each. Well, the directions tell us to use the "primary sources" from the text. She did not explain what these were. In fact, she admitted that she hadn't explained what the primary sources were and still marked us down for it! Well, I got over that, except the fact that now that we know what the primary sources are (after 5 essay preps she decides to explain it to us) she grades us very harshly. If we don't tie things in the text together and make everything the author writes about tie in with other facts of the chapter (even though he does not mention how these things impacted other things) we get marked down for it. The smartest kids in the class don't even get good grades on these things. She has a Doctorate's so I'm guessing she just assumes we're supposed to be smarter than we are.

Point #2: Our first test. This sucked! It was worth 200 points, which wasn't the part that sucked. She gave us a study guide of 33 names/events and we were expected to memorize all of the names, dates, places they came from, and why they were significant. That doesn't sound bad, except for the part where we had to MEMORIZE IT ALL! She picked 8... ONLY 8, of those names. WE could pick 5 from that list, which was kind of cool. But we had to know why these people or things were significant and that wasn't in the textbook. We had to read 30 chapters and somehow tie things together that weren't mentioned and she expects us to know them all without an explanation from her. Then we had an essay. We had the two essay questions to be prepared for the test, yet we had to MEMORIZE THAT AS WELL! All the dates of all the empires as well as all of their geographical locations and how that location impacted the empire. Then we had to memorize information for the other essay question, which was the essay question she picked (she gave us two and said she would pick one of them). This essay consisted of picking one of the empires and stating why it was the most significant for the development of Western Civilization. I did alright on the essay; I got an A-. The supid names were my downfall. I only got a 160 on the test. Not good. It's hard enough to memorize the dates for 15 people let alone more than twice that... PLUS memorizing their significance, which is something we have to have a Doctorate's to do. Oh, and not to mention it took me 10 hours to work on the Study Guide and I didn't have it all done and we only had a few days to do it.

Point #3: Group project. We just got assigned a group project today and it's due Wednesday. She assigned it 2 minutes before class got out, and everyone was flipping out! They were complaining because no one knew about the assignment, though it did mention it on the syllabus, but not to the point of knowing what we were supposed to do. And it's due Wednesday morning, meaning we only had today and all of tomorrow to do it. No one in my group can get together, so we have to correspond via email. We're getting together at 9:00 Wednesday morning to work on our poster. We have to make a poster board and present it to the class. It's rediculous! I mean, if we had a little bit of notice besides 2 minutes that we had a group project to do that would be nice. But no...

Point #4: Christianity. Again, she is a really nice person, but her lecture today totally smashed Christianity, though I don't think she did it on purpose. Her lecture was all about celibacy, or chastity though it's not really the same thing, and sex. She explained how the "early church" had their priests refrain from marriage and sex (though it evolved that way) and how Christians believed that you could only have sex on certain days, making only 20-30 days out of the year to engage in sexual relations with a person's spouse... and even then it was very strict on what they could even do. It just made Christianity sound like a bunch of rules. Granted, much of the Early Church was like that, but I just wish she would have made the point that those teachings go against biblical doctrine. Sure, Paul says it's best not to get married, BUT since there is so much immorality in the world, it's better to marry than to burn with passion. PLUS, he states that married couples should NOT deprive their partners of sexual relations because the spouse could be tempted by Satan to choose a path of immorality. And she didn't know much about Christianity at all. "Baptism was part of the initiation to become a Christian" though she didn't word it exactly like that, but that is what she meant. She meant that you had to be baptized in order to be saved. SO NOT TRUE! It's IMPORTANT, but not part of an initiation. It just made Christianity sound more like a cult, and she even mentioned that Christianity borrowed things from mystery cults and other religions. Grr... oh, and not to mention, "The gospels are a little biased because those people were followers and supporters of Jesus." Ha, well what about that part where nothing in the Bible can be proven wrong, huh?

Sorry, I had to get that out. Now I'm talking to Jason and need to concentrate on his conversation so I'm going to stop typing.

I'm going to write my professor an email tomorrow asking her whether or not those "rules" about sex and stuff came before or after they found the writings of Paul.
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Anyone remember those?! Well, I'm kind of compiling a list of them because I had a request to do a CD... now I'm really getting into it. Here are the songs I came up with. PLEASE feel free to add some that YOU remember...
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This journal entry is for Meghann since she said that CHRISTEL was updating all the time and no one else's entries were on her journal. So here. I heart you, Christel! haha...
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Kind of long... I'll lj-cut it...
My Boyfriend and Random StuffCollapse )
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Here is a post that teenonfire4lord wrote in one of my communities. I wanted to get everyone else's opinions on it...

God and SportsCollapse )

Anyway, I thought the prayer was interesting, and it kind of made me laugh.

Well, on to bigger and better things. I officially hate school. I've had an insane amount of homework to do the past few days. The rest of this week will consist of reading 30 pages in a textbook, reading 25 pages of Literature, and then start to read yet another 30 pages of History in the textbook, plus a one-to-two page paper over the reading. Not to mention starting with yet another 30 pages of textbook work, PLUS, my Math homework that I have neglected doing the past few weeks. Maybe I should work on that now? Not to mention writing two more one page papers (which are easy). Grr... I'm just stressed about school work, observation time, Sunday School readings, ministry website I need to finish, softball, and time to breathe.

This morning was really cool. It was SYATP Wednesday (See You At The Pole). I took Miranda and Shaine to my old high school, and we had a prayer around the flag pole. It was amazing to feel that kind of unity as the body of Christ. There was about 5 or 6 students, a teacher, a coach (who is also our youth pastor), and a parent. Not that many people, but hey... there were more than there usually is. I had to wake up at 6:00 this morning for that, so I'm really tired. I just decided to come to school afterwards, despite the fact that I don't have class until 10:00. Grr... class 10-7 sucks. I think I might find something to do during my four hour break. Maybe Sally is home and I can go take a nap? Hopefully.

Anyway, I think this post is long enough. I must go now so I can get stuff together for the ministry message board..
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I think it was sort of forced on him, though. I just IMd him a few minutes ago and said, "I made something for you." He probably thought it was food *evil grin*. Anyway... he has a journal now... jasonator87. Yay for him! Heh... anyway... I'm going to bed. It's LATE!
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Write 20 things about yourself. Then tag as many people as it take minutes for you to write these 20 things.
starting time: 12:13p.m.

1. I'm really cold right now.
2. I just got done eating Subway.
3. I had to play softball today and we lost terribly.
4. I hate my Literature class.
5. I hate my History class.
6. I like my boyfriend.
7. I miss the social part of high school.
8. I miss fast-pitch softball!
9. I love Jesus!
10. I wish I was in Hawaii right now where the weather is warm all year long!
11. I want a thunderstorm!
12. I'm kind of tired, but I'm too lazy to go to bed, even though I'm laying there right now.
13. I don't know what I am going to do tomorrow yet.
14. I play softball from May until September almost every year.
15. I played the flute for 5 years and can still play it.
16. I'm afraid of evil presences, having felt one today.
17. I like watermelon, especially the ones that Jason brings to me.
18. I had no idea that professors could assign so much reading all at the same time... they're turning on us!
19. I'm getting really tired of homework and school.
20. I have 4 IM windows up right now.

Betsy B.
Meghann G (although she is in Sweden
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So, I was watching Fox News the other day, and I forgot to write in my journal about this. I'm going to put this under an LJ-cut since I'm sure some people will disagree... (maybe)

A Comment from Jesse JacksonCollapse )

Anyway, sorry about the ramblings, but that whole Jesse Jackson thing just irritates me.

I got some homework done yesterday, but I have a whole History chapter to read by Wednesday. She said she wouldn't give us a chapter to read in two days (well she would try not to) but alas! She does. Now I have a whole chapter to read (which is usually close to 30 pages and takes like 2 hours to read when taking side notes in the margin, and then reading for understanding) plus a one page Essay Prep to write. Oh well, though. She seems really nice, despite the fact that she didn't like my paper. It's kind of hard to write things for her class because she didn't explain what we were supposed to do on the paper. She just gave us the syllabus, took us on the field trip, then left us to figure it out for ourselves. She also didn't explain the first Essay Prep and a bunch of people were really confused on what she wanted, including me.

I was supposed to play in a softball game yesterday, but I ended up having to stay home and clean my room (which isn't quite finished). My parents warned me that if it wasn't clean, they weren't going to pay my car insurance. I was doing well at multi-tasking. I was finishing a really long Literature worksheet I had to do, plus picking up my room. I ended up going out to Jason's house to finish my worksheet, since it was for my online class and needed to be submitted electronically. It was nice because I was able to work on my homework, help Jason with his homework of memorizing stuff for chemistry, then get my Math homework done and spend time with Jason since I won't see him today. I felt a bit accomplished.

Grr... my Literature professor doesn't help the class much. I have a stinkin' 93% in that class! It's annoying. I thought I had a good discussion going on the discussion board, but NO. 7/10 because I posted questions other people had! Well, I was confused on them as well! It's frustrating, then I didn't do that great on the worksheet we had to do. I am not good at interpreting literature, and she says that she is trying to help us, but she doesn't do a great job at helping. She marks our grades down, then we feel stupid when she tells us HER interpretations of the readings. Grr... Sorry, but that was just annoying.

Anyway, I need to go start my History reading, then start some more Literature reading. Until next time...
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